Brightwell Aquatics Macrovore

Brightwell Aquatics Macrovore

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Macrodiet for Anemones, LPS Corals & Planktivorous Motile invertebrates & Fishes


Suspension of North American marine crustacean roe with a size range of ~0.7 - 1.2 mm.
Fortified with free-form essential amino acids, vitamins important to immune system
function, carotenoid-rich oils of marine origin (also rich in omega-3 HUFA), and natural
feeding attractants to improve feeding responsiveness in fishes.
Rich in natural pigments that have been found to intensify overall coloration.
Appropriate for feeding anemones, LPS corals, gorgonians, and solitary and colonial
polyps, particularly at night when tentacles are extended to maximize chances
of prey-capture.
Readily consumed by planktivorous fishes.
Suitable for improving coloration of all freshwater species of fish, including Discus.
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