About Mr Aqua USA

Since 2003, Mr. Aqua USA has provided an incredible selection of both saltwater and freshwater fish. We know firsthand how peaceful and soothing setting up a fish tank can be. From the cleaning to the feeding, the water changes to selecting fish additions, your tank is entirely customizable to your preferences. It is with this spirit of creativity and passion for fish that we offer all that we do.

What sets us apart? People choose to shop at Mr. Aqua USA because our staff is knowledgeable. If something went wrong in your tank, our team can provide insight and advice to help get you back on track. We believe in providing quality service, no matter where you are and what you need. We guarantee that all our fish and plants are entirely safe and clean. We quarantine all shipments so you’ll never take home a pest. Finally, we are the main distributor for Ricordea Yuma Mushrooms and Jawbreaker Mushrooms. These mushrooms are easy to grow, hard to mess up, and add an unparalleled level of beauty to your tank.

For the best in the fish industry, check out our freshwater and saltwater fish store. We look forward to guiding you toward your new favorite fish or plant. Shop Mr. Aqua USA to learn more.