- Tanks And supplies: We offer different sizes of rounded & seamless corner glass tank from 60 75 140 180 220 240gallon. and brand name metal halide light, power compact,pump , bio media, coral supplement, fish food etc.

- Live Rock: We stock over 1000lbs of  live rock in all size at all time.Our live rock are 100% cured and its safe to put in a exiting aquarium.

- Fish And Crustaceans: Our fish, coral and invertebrate are hand selected carefully from the reputable wholesalers to ensure their size, color and health.


- Tips. Acclimation, & Species Info

- Large Assortment of Corals: We try to stock all kinds corals to fit everyone interests and budget so we have between 700- 1000 corals most of the time. We are always looking for new specimens .If you don't see what you are looking for please let us know we can order for you.


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